Let's talk.

Hope to turn a life around.

Too cheesy for you.

I’m usually a very calm person but there are two things I’m protective of, my best friend - Karen and my cheeseburger.


A piece of my heart.

Perhaps while you read it, word by word, you'll wonder if this is you. The you who turned me.

So I wrote a ballad.

Like the sunshine over the pure white snow, I find my sweet escape in your tight embrace.

Tipsy fall.

No one wants to go back to college or work after a wild weekend but that definitely wasn't the case with Sana.

I have wronged.

A place I call home is no safe place. Whom do I blame for my security issues? Where do I seek justice? Blame games and sinners.

His secrets.

The fabric light against his inked skin, Unsure, I whisper, did it hurt? Eyes light from the radiance within, He tells me, not his skin; The world may never see, See the fading scars underneath; He may never write the stories,... Continue Reading →

Truce with Chaos.

Hope is a devious plaything for miracles to happen.

A note to the curious eyes.

Happy Reading

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